St. Louis  Track Club 3K
February 2006 

 Funny thing happened at the 3KÖ.I ran this 3K race. It was a cold morning so I had on fleece pants. Iíve done this race before, short and fast. So a good warm up is important. Ran the warm up, no problem, all systems go.  We started running and I felt a little draft on my inner thigh. Looked down and the seam to my fleece pants had come apart. So I had this hole about 2 inches. Ran a bit further and it was getting bigger. I saw my friend Pete who had come to watch because he was injured. He was walking to Starbucks and I thought I could take the pants off and give him them -- but hey its only a 3K and that would have took too long. So I kept running and the pants kept ripping apart. I looked again and they were open to about my knee. I kind of pause and think forget it-I quit. But itís only a 3K so I kept running. By the time I reached the one mile point the seam was completely gone for the whole leg. It was flapping like a boat sail. I was wearing a kite! This guy passes me and says "Nice leg." Ugh! So I run hard and finish....I was one minute slower than last year, but it turned out to be worth it because I got a 1st place trophy...ok, technically I was 3rd-but one girl was in the overall winners, the other one was the masters winner, so I got first in the age group-and a way cool trophy. Iím glad I kept running...When I finished this lady looks at me and says "Good thing you had shorts on under there..."