Chase Your Dream

Last Saturday night when I worked with the kids at church I met Tommy. Tommy made an impression on me. He is 5 years old and passionate about octopus and squid.  Every opportunity to draw had him creating these sea creatures. I could tell he had been at it a while because they were quite good.  Tommy shared his wealth of information about squids and octopus.  So I did some research. Did you know an octopus has 8 arms, and a squid 10?  Thanks to Tommy I found myself researching these animals of the sea.

What I found interesting was that Tommy was totally engrossed in his passion. While he was drawing or talking about octopus he didn’t pay attention to what the other children were doing. If you are doing what your passionate about don’t look around. No comparisons allowed. When I had school age children I was passionate about giving them opportunities and being involved in their lives. This was a time consuming effort. I found if I looked around I became depressed. I recall reading an article about successful women and their tips. Afterwards, I felt as though I hadn’t accomplished anything. I was doing a lot, giving it my best and yet I felt insignificant as if I wasn’t being all that I could be. My passion wasn’t exciting or glamorous and it carried a price tag. soccer mom.jpg (141499 bytes)During those “Soccer Mom” days I exercised less, weighed more and rarely had time to pursue personal endeavors. Balance was something I constantly sought and rarely attained. Now I look back and say it was worth it, and I would do it all again.  However; next time I would whisper in my ear “This is important, what you are doing now is of great value. You have this opportunity only for a time.  Quit looking around, don’t compare yourself to other people.”

I have found that some of the happiest people are those who have a passion. It really doesn’t matter what they are passionate about, just that they have one. What are you passionate about? A few weeks ago I listened to an interview with Joanna Lawn ( that was on an ironman talk podcast and she said:

“Everyone is here for a reason and if you have a dream, if you have a thought, a passion or anything and you’re not doing it then I advise you to do it. Because you have that thought, and that visualization for some reason, and don’t ignore it. Because it may be crazy to someone else but it’s completely natural to you. So I believe if you have a thought, a vision, a dream. I believe you should chase it.”

Today don't look around-go chase your dream.