Don't Look At That Hill!

When I run hills I donít look up. Instead I look down at the ground in front of my feet and it looks flat. Mentally I find it easier than contemplating the big incline. As a matter of fact I recall the first time I ran the Chicago marathon being out on the course and I could see the city skyline in the distance. It was very far away. The race course wove us through the towering skyscrapers out to a more suburban area and from that point I looked back in dismay. I was tempted to sit down on the sidewalk and quit. It was an overwhelming sight.

Sometimes the big picture can be crushing. Motivational gurus preach that you should focus on the big picture and all the rest will fall into place. But there are times when you need to focus on the immediate task at hand. Last week we had our offices painted at Dowco and now we have the task of putting things back in place. Everything needs to go back on the walls and furniture shoved into place. Iíve worked on my office a little bit at a time and itís still disorderly. Then I look at my ďto doĒ list for the next week and itís huge. I feel like I cannot keep up. The solution is to take my eyes off the pile of commitments and responsibilities and focus on right now. What can I do right now, today? I know that if I take my eyes off that hill and look right in front of me I can keep going on.

ďItís not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves.Ē Ė Sir Edmund Hillary

Below are photos from the 2002 Chicago Marathon

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