spinhell2.jpg (24957 bytes)Youre turning that hill into a wall. Thats what my spinning instructor Paul shouted at us one night. It hit me; I am letting my challenges become road blocks. I can tell you exactly when it happens, when I turn and look back. When I start mulling over what could have been, should have been, could have said, and could have done. Instead of moving forward I go back. What good does that do?

In my defense I have to say sometimes there are reasons to look back. Weve done some sales promotions at Dowco and we always look back and analyze the outcome. Analyzing web1.JPG (92254 bytes) is a common business practice. Ive been doing a bit of parental analyzing and realized that my ability to control outcome in that area is over. My children are adults and it is time for them to analyze their own lives and make their own decisions. That is the wall for me because my heart is filled with dreams and aspirations for my kids. Consequently I bash my head into this wall all the time. Anne Frank was right when she said:

"Parents can only give good advice or put one on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands." Anne Frank

yoga2.jpg (253848 bytes)Elise my yoga instructor is always saying Get comfortable in an uncomfortable position.  Im going to take that off the mat into this area of my life. It is time to quit turning my head, time to look forward. Its simply an evolution of my influence as a parent. The truth is I have 100% control over what I do, I am responsible for me. I move forward, only forward. Do you have a wall in your life? Its not a wall, just a hill.