hirshhorn.jpg (84547 bytes)Hope

Over the summer I visited the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC, and watched a video: The Cinema Effect: Illusion, Reality, and the Moving Image. During this video a woman described a tragic loss and then offered words of hope but at the end she said something like if one believes in such things. I was disappointed. She offered hope and then tacked on this politically correct if statement. I wondered what caused her to add this hope disclaimer.

sams.jpg (89845 bytes)Last week I went to the Sams Club store and purchased more large packing boxes. The lady checking me was familiar and she asked if I was moving. I explained that we were putting the house on the market to see if we could sell it.  She was inquisitive and asked if my agent was positive and did he think we could sell our house. Through her questions I could see that she was looking for a glimmer of hope. She was digging for something positive amidst the overwhelming negativity surrounding us. Have you ever heard it said that what you focus on expands? I think this cashier figured it out, she was searching for good news. The bad stuff will find you, simply check out the current news; its the good things that you have to seek out. 

morningnews.jpg (57613 bytes)I do not watch the news on television, instead I go online and I gather my news from a variety of sources: CNN, BBC, Newsvine, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post, the LA Times and then occasionally stltoday.com. I manage the amount of negative news I allow into my life. I offset this with large doses of positive information that I regularly read. Its our choice, we can choose to look for and find reasons to hope. Hope is vital to happiness; its what keeps you going against all odds. I think you have to believe in hope and look for it. Jesse Jackson back in his 1988 Democratic National Convention Address encouraged us to Keep hope alive. He was right but I have to add a little twist to this, its up to us to keep our hope alive. You know that in life we must swim upstream but in doing so it helps to find bits and pieces of encouragement along the way. What are you doing on a daily basis to keep your hope alive?

"Hope is passion for what is possible."- Soren Kierkegaard.