Hurts and Disappointments

Bid DayI had an old photo album from high school and college and I scanned the pictures. The pictures are almost 30 years old and they were beginning to fade. I hadnít looked in this album for years. Some pictures made me smile, others brought back sad memories. Hurts and disappointments Iíd felt back then resurfaced. Painful lessons learned that I had pushed back into the dark closet of my mind. Iíd covered them up over the years with happy memories. 

PrayerHurts and disappointments donít go away. The intensity fades but you remember your pain. Christians sometimes throw around this saying ďLet go and let God.Ē Itís so trite. Just give your problem to God and let it go. I can do that, I can give my problem to God, but my feelings donít instantly change. Iím not suddenly happy. Some pain never goes away. Parents who lose children or have children incarcerated. That must be like living with a big gaping hole in your heart. I have a cousin whose son was killed and she said things are never normal, heís always missing. 

MomI asked my Mom how she dealt with us kids making poor choices as adults. She told me that she prayed about it, gave it to God, then tried not to think about it and she would do something to keep busy. Oh Iím sure psychiatrist would say you need to solve your issues but this works. I threw away the old photo album, put the photos in a Ziploc bag in a box and I quit thinking about it. Itís over and done with and that is the past. Unfortunately itís harder to set aside your emotions when you are experiencing them first hand. The hurts and disappointments Iím facing right now are difficult to shove into the corner of my mind and ignore. They are screaming for my attention. Thatís when I remind myself that I can only do what I can do and dwelling on these issues does nothing positive for me. Itís hard; your mind is like a magnet pulled towards the crisis at hand. So whatís the solution? Let go and let God; trite yes, but effective. Iím going to pray about it and then get busy doing something. 

"Stop stewing and start doing!" - Denis Waitley