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I'm Hooked

I'm hooked on Bissinger's Gummy Pandas and it's all Terry Wakefields fault! It happened innocently enough when Maurice and I participated in a Wine and Chocolate Class at the Missouri Botanical Garden. We enjoyed an informative evening tasting the wines from the Chaumette Vineyard and sampling exceptional Bissinger's Chocolates. When the class was over Maurice and I lingered talking to Hank from Chaumette and Terry. As we treats2.JPG (240795 bytes)were leaving Terry gave me the remainder of the Gummy Pandas to take home. The Pandas sat on the counter a couple days and then it happened. I was headed out for a bike ride and I tossed those Pandas in the plastic bag with my Jelly Belly Sport Beans. Later while I was out on the road I reached into my bento box and popped a bean and a bear in my mouth. What a wonderful combination crunchy, sweet, sour, chewy all in one. Now I'm hooked. I can no longer just eat beans; I want to have those yummy little Pandas too.

terry wakefield.jpg (14966 bytes)Ok what does this have to do with training and fitness? Have you ever had a day when you didn't want to train? Maybe it's dreary and cold, you had a bad day at work, you're tired or you just don't feel like it. That is when we get creative and figure out what will get us out the door. Is it fun workout clothes? Is it good music, or meeting friends? Figure out what motivates you, what gives you a positive training experience. When I'm out on the bike for hours, I like those bears and beans. It's all part of assembling tools to keep you on track. We can create our own arsenal of motivation boosters. What are you hooked on?

"We taste with our eyes first." Terry Wakefield, Bissinger's Chief Chocolatier