Kelly LOVES purple so I surprised her with a purple tree.I Can't Make It Right

I canít fix everything. I canít prevent bad things from happening to the people I love. I cannot manufacture the perfect Christmas.  I pluck chores off my "To Do List" and try to do it all until like a dog spent from chasing his own tail, I stop. Mostly though I quit when I realize that no matter what I do I donít have the resources to solve the really big things; when this happens I go to God. You know that saying ďLet go and let God?Ē Usually I do that when I figure out that I canít do it myself.  The fact is I was never meant to do it myself.  Years ago people waited for the one who would rescue us, we remember that time now as we celebrate Advent.  This is a season of anticipation and hope. For me itís a time to reflect and remember that I canít do it all, that I need a Savior.

It's a little unconventional but I like the silver and purple together.More than 700 years before his birth, Isaiah referred to Jesus as ďImmanuel.Ē Check it out and read Isaiah 7:14. Immanuel means God with us. In my case I often forget, neglect or put other things in place of God.  Right now itís easy to throw our holiday fun frenzy in front of this important truth.  I miss the hope and anticipation of Advent because there's so much ME in front of it.  Immanuel-God with us, the question I have to ask myself: Am I with God?