February 3, 2007

Tonight I fell in love. His name is Drew. He has sandy blonde hair. He is sensitive, so sensitive that he was crying. He is three years old.

 I had a kind of longish running session today. I went home, showered and really wanted to sit at home and rest. Tonight was my night to work in the children’s ministry. I really didn’t feel like going. But, I’ve committed to one Saturday a month, so I went.  

It started out like a normal night. I got to play with puppets. There was a big box of puppets and it was lots of fun. There were four or five children playing with me, and we tried all the puppets and our puppets talked to each other. Soon it was story time so we all cleaned up and went to the center of the room. That’s when I saw him. He was crying and walking towards the door. I could tell he was trying to figure out how to escape. He wanted his Mom.  I walked over and tried to talk to him and explain that we would have a story, then a snack,  play some more and then his Mom would be back. I showed him my watch, how long it would be. Umm, nope, he kept crying. I talked him into sitting on my lap while the class did a song. He watched and kept crying. I started to rock him and then he quieted down. Soon it was time to go to the “barn” room for more songs and stories. Did he want to go? No, and no he would not walk in to that room. So I was holding him and if I put him down he would start to cry again. Yes, I carried him to the other room. Did he want to stand up and do the songs with the motions? Nope. Okay. We’ll just sit here in back with you on my lap and watch. Drew sat on my lap and I sang the songs and did the motions while I held him. He got comfortable and then really paid attention to the story. Little by little he forgot that he didn’t want to be there.  

PH03231I.jpg (50819 bytes)I pulled out all my mothering tricks and we made it through the night. Actually it wasn’t love at first sight, but somehow after an hour of cajoling him, talking, rocking, and singing to him I started to have feelings for him. Didn’t hurt that I got to carry and rock him. Oh, boy do I like that. We ended up playing with play dough and by the time his Mom came he was playing and talking to me. His mom arrived and he ran over, smiled and proudly showed her the circle he had cut out of green play dough with a cookie cutter. Mom smiled back and had no idea what a challenging hour he had.  Drew walked to the door with his Mom, turned back and gave me a big smile. “Bye Drew” I shouted and smiled. Some days God makes it obvious why he kept you on the planet another day.