josieswim.jpg (736438 bytes)I Love To Swim And I Can Do It!

When Josie and I were training for the Big Shoulders 5K swim we decided to add yardage by swimming before our masterís session. We planned on swimming an additional 45 minutes prior to our squad workout.  I remember preparing to go to the YMCA the first time I would do this and I had some anxious thoughts about the longer swim set. I started repeating ďI love to swim, I love to swimĒ to myself. I met Josie in the parking lot and found that we both were feeling uneasy about the new challenge. Josie said ďI love to swim but I donít know if I can do it.Ē Our new mantra was ďI love to swim and I can do it.Ē I recall that night during one particularly hard set I swam to the wall and Josie was pushing off. She looked over, smiled and said ďI love to swim and I can do it.Ē We bounced that motto back and forth all the way to Chicago.

kitchen.jpg (308451 bytes)Weíve had painters in our home for a week now disrupting our life while preparing to put our house on the market. They have stripped the wallpaper from our kitchen, laundry room, master bedroom and bath. kitchen4.jpg (179941 bytes)Coming home we encountered furniture moved and dust everywhere. We donít have to sell our home, in fact I love my house; however there are a few things I would like that our current home does not have. Iíd like to have a little more space around me to the tune of one or more acres and we would like to have a three car garage. I donít have to do this, just like I didnít have to go swim 3.1 miles in Lake Michigan. One morning as I waited to meet with the painting supervisor I wondered why in the world I was doing this. Why couldnít I just settle for what I had? Life would be so much easier if I just accepted the status quo. In fact right now Iím bedroom.jpg (222174 bytes)researching alternative banks and this involves supplying financials and meeting with bankers. Iím finding that I could save money moving to a different bank but moving involves our corporate checking, our sweep account, our company money market, line of credit and setting up a loan for the three new trucks we are in the process of purchasing. Itís not simply moving my little personal savings and checking account; this will involve some work and it will take time. If I didnít look around to see what else is out there I would continue with what I have and miss an opportunity. Thatís just it opportunities take time and effort. I know that now there are some great opportunities if youíre buying real estate. Taking advantage of opportunities will take me outside of my comfort zone and itís easier if I decide in advance that the reward is worth it and that I am going to enjoy the journey. What kitchen3.jpg (245942 bytes)are you tackling right now? Simply fill in the blank: I love to _____ and I can do it!

ďIf youíre not happy with what youíve got, what radical changes are you willing to make to change what youíre getting?Ē Seth Godin (click here for Seth's Blog)