Itís Not My Strength

Thereís this old gospel song with lyrics I can relate to: ďIím climbing up the rough side of the mountain.Ē Have you ever had a mountain so big and imposing thrown right in front of you that you are terrified of facing the climb? I have and all of us will have crisis and heartbreaks in our life. All the bad things that we dread happen to people and none of us is exempt from tragedies.  I look at the pictures of the devastation in Japan and when I see the faces of the people, I see their fear. Sadness is too small a word to express the overwhelming sorrow and fear they must feel.

I wish I could say that God works in a powerful way though me when I am filled with joy, but in all honesty itís when I am at my bottom. Frankly when Iíve got it all I donít need God with the same intensity as when I have nothing. Itís when I face fear, terror and grief itís then that I have am reminded that I donít walk through life alone. That is when I become more sensitive to the hurting needs of others. We donít get to pick and choose the challenges God allows in our life, but we do pick how we respond. If God has placed a rocky road in front of you then thatís where you are going. The old timers use to say that challenges will drive or draw you-meaning they will bring you closer to God or you will chose to walk away. Iíve noticed that when you are going through a crisis people say ďGod wonít give you any more than you can bear.Ē But the truth is, and hereís the really great part, God will give you more than you can bear, because itís not you, it is God working through you and for you.