Writing Class 1:
696532_89451746.jpg (44397 bytes)Last night was the first session of a class that I am taking. It is called Tips for Beating Writer's Block. This is a continuing education class given through the community college. The class started with the teacher introducing himself. We then introduced ourselves and then he lectured for about a half hour. After that he gave us a writing assignment. He handed out these little strips of paper with one line written on them. We were given 15 minutes to write. The assignment was to write anything fiction, nonfiction, whatever you just had to use the sentence you were given. I looked down at my slip of paper and it read:

529090_21140214.jpg (87376 bytes)“Take off that silly gorilla suit,”  I said.

Here is what I wrote:

My husband Phil took a second job advertising for Jungle Fitness. Each weekend he stood beside the busy street in front of the gym holding a sign that said “Welcome to the Jungle.” Dressed in a gorilla suit.

25_1406.jpg (214328 bytes)At first Phil felt foolish in the gorilla costume. He timidly held up the banner. Joe the club manager had a little talk with Phil. “Phil you’re here to attract and inspire people. You need to kick it up a notch.” Phil decided to bring his IPod to work and listened to motivational music under the costume. What a difference the music made! Phil was animated and lively. People were intrigued. Soon Phil was a local celebrity. Nobody knew that beneath the gorilla costume Phil was jamming to Guns and Roses blasting “Welcome to the Jungle.”

IMG_1971.jpg (170540 bytes)Funny thing was Phil started to identify with the celebrity gorilla. He would put the costume on early Saturday morning to get the newspaper. He stayed in the costume after work. Finally I could no longer take it when he kept the costume on to go out to dinner with me. “Take off that silly gorilla suit,” I said.

I guess he had forgotten it was silly because after my outburst Phil only wore the suit at work. Phil the gorilla was gone and he was Phil my husband again.