(Writing Class 1: Read this first Writing Class 1)

Writing Class 2:
For the second class we had to revise our original piece, add to it and then bring typed copies for the class. Below is my second draft. I read it and the class wants more. They like this Phil guy and want me to keep going. I thought I was done with Phil, apparently not.

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“Take off that silly gorilla suit,” I said

        Both our children would be in college next year, so my husband Phil took a second job advertising for Jungle Gym. Each weekend, dressed in a gorilla suit, he stood beside the busy street in front of the gym holding a sign that said “Welcome to the Jungle.”

At first Phil felt foolish in the gorilla costume and he timidly held up the banner. Joe the club manager had a little talk with Phil. “Phil you’re here to attract and inspire people. You need to kick it up a notch.” Phil decided to bring his IPod to work and listened to motivational music under the costume. What a difference the music made. People were intrigued by the lively animated gorilla. Soon Phil became a local celebrity. Nobody knew that beneath the gorilla costume Phil was rocking to Guns and Roses shouting “Welcome to the Jungle.”

j0405156.jpg (555460 bytes)Over the years Phil had put on a few extra pounds. He had been a hard working father who set his fitness aside for our family and financial gain. One day Phil went into the gym to use the restroom and along the way he passed the bench press. Phil wondered what he could lift so he plopped 150 pounds on, laid down and pressed. It felt pretty good so he added 20 pounds more and did a set of 12. He felt a little idiotic when he saw gym patrons pointing and talking about the bench pressing gorilla. Joe the club manager heard about the incident and approached Phil the next day. “Hey Phil, I heard the gorilla bench pressed.”

Oh no, great Phil thought. “Umm yeah, I thought I’d test it out so I could tell the prospective customers about our equipment.” Phil nervously justified himself.

“Awesome,” Joe exclaimed with a robust pat on Phil’s shoulder “Keep it up, the customers love the weight lifting gorilla.”

Phil started to do a few sets lifting while he worked. It got pretty hot in that costume and my hubby the gorilla started to lose weight and buff up. One day I caught Phil without his shirt on flexing in the mirror. Not too long after that I was amazed to drive by the Jungle Gym and see my husband the gorilla lifting weights outside! The gym experienced record breaking crowds, which became huge after the local TV news interviewed “The Body Building Gorilla.”

Funny thing was Phil started to identify with the celebrity gorilla. He would put the costume on early Saturday morning to get the newspaper. He stayed in the costume after work.  I could no longer take it when he kept the costume on to go out to dinner with me. “Take off that silly gorilla suit,” I said. I guess he had forgotten it was silly. After my outburst Phil only wore the suit at work. Phil the gorilla became Phil my husband again.