A Helping Hand

Last night I went to a Iron & Half Iron Distance Triathlon Information Class held at REI. It was sponsored by Training Bible. The class was taught by a Training Bible coach who had completed 9 Ironman races. I spent an hour in that class and I regret to say I did not learn one new thing. From the questions that were asked in the class I am sure some of the participants learned a great deal. I realized that I know pretty much about this stuff.  I am blessed to have a network of friends who shared their triathlon experiences with me. Iíve done some reading and research plus I have personal experience gained doing shorter races. I expected to learn something new, I just did not.

free apples.jpg (129616 bytes)When I arrived home Maurice asked how the class went and I shared my disappointment that I hadnít gathered any new information. I reminded him of a conversation we had a couple months ago when we were at a motivational session. After the session Maurice had said, ďThe more you go to these things the harder you have to mine to get a nugget.Ē I mined at the class but came up empty.  To this Maurice replied ďThatís when you have to give back.Ē When you have acquired knowledge and skills, that is when you pass it on, you share with people who need the help.

victory.jpg (81810 bytes)Over the years Iíve been fortunate to have people share with me.  People have shared their knowledge, experiences, feelings and possessions with me. I have had the time to grow and learn. I donít know it all, Iím still learning, but I do have some things to share. Iím going to continue to look for opportunities to grow while at the same time find ways to share. 

ďRemember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm. . . As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.Ē Ė Audrey Hepburn