messy.JPG (231736 bytes)A Messy Closet

We have this little closet off our kitchen where I keep vitamins, medicine, health and personal care items. This morning Maurice opened the door and said ďWhatís going on in here?Ē

ďThatís where Iíve lost control of my life.Ē I replied.

It was a mess. For the last few weeks everything that I did not want to deal with found its way into this closet. Whatever I didnít have time to address I put on the floor in the closet. Itís been a while and yeah, the stuff is all in disarray.

messy2.JPG (258628 bytes)I could tell you itís because Iím so busy, but the truth is if I really wanted to do it I would. I simply havenít scheduled it and I have not disciplined myself to correct this. Most of our home is organized and tidy but it seems there is always an area I need to work on. My personal life is like that too. I can be very goal oriented, organizing and driving forward in my life but it seems there is always something just a little out of whack, an area where Iíve lost control. You know the small occasional bad food choice that has become a habit, or the daily bible reading that I skipped one day, and then the next and now I have stopped completely. I never completely get my act together.  I always have a closet out of control.

Hereís the question: Do I accept it? Do I decide that I will no longer tolerate that messy closet or do I make excuses? Do I actually plan a time to correct it or do I keep the door shut and ignore it? Itís my choice to improve or settle for what I have. How about you, do you have a messy closet?

ďThere is no such thing as an insignificant improvement.Ē Ė Tom Peters