Timing chip on-ready to goAdventure Max Trail Run

The day before the race I received a text mail from my running mate Rick that read:

ITíS GOING TO BE A CRAPPY RUN TOMORROW...................................

The rain had dumped on us for the last few days and now the temperatures were dropping. Saturday morning was looking to be windy and cold. I wasnít too worried because it was a shorter race, a 10K, and figured I could easily finish 6.2 miles under an hour.

The race took place at Innsbrook west of St. Louis in Wright City. Ultramax was the race organizer and they put on some top notch professional races. I figured it would be a fun training run; the race I was worried about was the Quivering Quads Half Marathon on my schedule for March 11th.

I should have stopped to read the signLet me sum up the course for you-it was muddy. Mud, mud, mud and it would just cake on your shoes adding weight to your feet. Not really a lot of trails in the manner that I was expecting, rather fire roads with high grass forcing us to lift our heavy feet up higher. It was challenging but I zipped along happy that I had not signed up for the 13.1 mile half marathon course. 

At the start they gave instructions that there was a sign around the first mile with the aid station telling you which way to go for the 10K and which way to go for the half marathon.  They also said that there would be plenty of aid stations with water, sports drink and gelís at all the stops. I went  and put my race belt with gel and hydration back in the car because I figured I wouldnít need it. I ran hard at 10K pace and around mile 5 picked up the pace, when I hit mile 6 I surged and gave it all I hadÖ..for a long time. I kept running and running and then I asked two people around me if they though the course was marked wrong because that .2 should have been here by now. They looked at me like I was insane.

I kept running and then saw the mile 7 sign. I figured I missed the split for the finish, but actually I missed the turn at mile one. Ugh. By this time I was pretty tired, from that surge to the finish and I had not taken in any nutrition because I hadnít planned to be out there over an hour. So here I am stopping to talk to these young kids volunteering who have no idea how I can get back without running all 13 miles.

At the 9 mile aid station I got a gel and cup of water, I think it was about a half mile more and then I got to a road leading to the finish and made my on course to get to the finish chute. Looking back itís sort of humorous the way people looked at me running weaving here and there trying to figure out how to get down the finish chute. By then I just wanted to get out of there. I was the very last runner to finish.  I think God winked at me because in the 51-60 womenís age group there were only 3 of us so I took 3rd ha ha.

Next time I will read the sign.