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Adversity it’s a good thing. Alright it’s not while you are struggling through it but afterwards the gains you make are huge. For example, I have run 9 marathons and the ones where I learned the most were the difficult ones, the races when I had my worst finish times. One year I ran the St. Louis marathon and finished with my best time to date. My training had been light with a limited amount of long runs, and surprisingly I had a great day. What did I learn? That I love to run, that some days it just clicks and you have a good race. On the other hand, I ran Florida with and injury and I think I probably took 6 Advil’s over the course of that marathon. I felt nauseous, sick and my foot hurt. What did I learn? How to keep going despite a huge amount of bodily adversity, that I can be mentally creative and tough it out. It’s the same with training sessions, you learn the most on the days when it doesn’t work. Days when you don’t feel like it or your muscles tighten up and you figure out how to stretch so you can keep going. Every bit of adversity that you figure baby ryan2.jpg (81595 bytes)out a way around gives you CONFIDENCE. You can apply this to any area of your life. For example when I brought newborn Ryan home from the hospital that first night was horrible. He cried and screamed all night long. The next morning my sister Cindy phoned me and asked “How are you?” I immediately started to cry.  Cindy replied “I’m on my way.” She already had three kids and taught me some mothering skills.  I learned and by the time I brought Kelly home I had acquired a number of mothering coping skills.  So not only do you gain confidence but you also gain coping skills. 

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The biggest gain you can make through adversity spiritual growth. There was a time when Maurice and I were dating that my family was having difficulty accepting this, you could say that my Dad disowned me. Anyhow I lived alone in an apartment and one day a threatening racist note was tucked in my door.  Believe me, I felt very, very alone and vulnerable at that time. On the other hand this is when I learned to totally rely on God. It was as if I stood on a cliff and jumped off into a big invisible hand. I was perfectly safe despite the adversity and fear I lived with. I would not have asked to experience this but through this I have a firm foundation, an unshakable knowledge that God will be with me no matter what happens. Again, this is another benefit of adversity.  Facing adversity is challenging and hard and if you are surrounded by it I feel for you. I wish you a speedy journey through this and look for the day when you can share with me what you learned and gained by your adverse time.

“Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things.” – Henry Ward Beecher