inthought.jpg (54209 bytes)Alone In A Crowd

Recently Kelly shared that she had felt alone in a crowd. I was sad to find that this had happened during a social event at our home. While I was busy attending to our guests, I had not observed her loneliness. I felt bad because I know what itís like to lonely surrounded by people. In fact not only is it hard to be lonely in a crowd, itís hard to be lonely during the crowded holidays. A couple years ago during the holidays I experienced one of the bleakest times of my life. In fact it was during this rough time that I wrote Tour de Life.  Sometimes weíre physically lonely lacking companionship and other times our problems remove us and shove us into a place of pain, despair and loneliness.

I donít think itís a Christmas song, but you hear it often during the holidays "My Favorite Things." If youíre feeling lonely today let me share with you what I do. I take a walk and I look at all the beautiful things I see. You can do this anywhere but if you look for a favorite thing you will find it. I like creeks, streams, puddles and anything water. But I also enjoy watching the squirrels and I am often amazed by their speed and amused by their silliness. Today as I walked I noticed a deer that was nearly invisible because he blended into the woods. I couldnít help but think how cool is that? It is God's work shouting out in itsjoy to the world2.jpg (17567 bytes) splendor, if only you stop to notice it. Everywhere you look is evidence of God and when you see it remember that you are not alone. If you havenít talked to him for awhile, try it, heís waiting for you.

Thatís my wish for you this Christmas, if you havenít talked to God, if you havenít known Jesus during Christmas, this year I'm wishing you the joy of that discovery.