s1363.JPG (498226 bytes)Annoying Bugs

Josie and I went to the Shaw Nature Reserve. The reserve is located in Grey Summit and boasts 2,500 acres of tall grass prairie, glades, wetlands, savannas and woodlands near the Meramec River. Josie and I wandered along the trails enjoying the beautiful butterflies and plants. We meandered through the reserve occasionally stopping to take photos. I was caught up in the natural beauty of this place when an annoying bug hummed s1335.JPG (444276 bytes)around my head and got tangled in my hair. It buzzed and got stuck right by my ear. Well, this totally creeped me out propelling me to frantically swat to get it out.

Josie knew places where frogs and turtles might be so we quietly crept up to these boggy areas hoping to sneak a peek. As we continued to explore the reserve another bug ensnared itself in my hair. My hair was turning into a bug trap; they would get tangled in the curls by my ear. This happened several times and I was beginning to s1334.JPG (508735 bytes)get freaked out by it. Josie had wisely pulled her hair back into a pony tail and I vowed to wear a cap next time.

Those annoying bugs, they just flew into my hair randomly now and then. Sort of like an unwelcome negative thought. Odd isnít it how negative thoughts just pop into your mind? If you donít swat them away they can ruin your day. Josie and I noticed that there were mosquitoes by the water so when we started to feel the bug bites we walked on. Same with negativity, when it bites you move on.

"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." - Peace Pilgrim (1908-1981, American Peace Activist)

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