pcbox.jpg (111322 bytes)A trip to the Antique Mall

A couple weeks ago Josie and I spent a Saturday afternoon rummaging through an Antique Mall. We each have certain things that we look for. Josie always has her eye out for cameras and photography equipment. You might find her browsing though old tools because that is what her Dad collects or she may be looking for another tiny salt spoon.

pc2.jpg (445866 bytes)pc1.jpg (1078617 bytes)I am always checking out the teacups and postcards. I found a booth that had about four boxes of postcards so I sat down and sorted through them and I was pleased to find this one of Forest Park. While I was engrossed in those boxes of cards Josie found something she thought I might like, a “Diary of a Good Boy.” I am now the proud owner of a Number 60 Composition Book filled with the writings of a high school boy that began on January 29, 1930. On the cover of the book he wrote that his school was Montrose High School and this was a school located near Effingham Illinois.journal.jpg (3736148 bytes)

Apparently this journal was an assignment and the teacher would periodically check them. This young man played basketball for the high school, so often he writes about games and practices. He also describes his school work.  One day he wrote:

Saturday Feb. 22, 1930 Rained today. Read library book entitled Michael O’ Halleran by Miss Porter. Tee hee
Tee hee.
Sweet Miss Porter

Had no one to court her.
Poor she!

You never know what you’ll find in an antique store.