counter3.jpg (234756 bytes)Are You Serious?

A couple years ago we had the carpet removed from the main level of our house and replaced it with hardwood. The carpet on the steps going upstairs was worn out so we decided to replace it too. Maurice and I had no trouble choosing a floor color for the hardwood, but we were not sure about the carpet up the steps. The fellow installing the carpet suggested that we get something with a pattern and dark colors, this he assured us would show the least amount of wear and tear over the years. He left a few samples and a link to a website for other carpet styles. We settled on a carpet that had some browns ancounter2.jpg (264223 bytes)d black colors. The day arrived for the carpet to be installed and as they pulled the big roll off of the truck I began to have doubts. Once the carpet was rolled out I could see that the picture on the internet didnít clearly show the pattern of the carpet. It was ugly and did not match at all. I learned a lesson that I should have requested an actual carpet sample and now I was stuck with this horrible mismatch. Kelly came home, looked at the steps and said ďAre you serious?Ē

counter.jpg (253498 bytes)I made a mistake. During the months following the installation I added more black accents to the dining and living rooms and now it isnít quite the glaring mismatch. Ok, so fast forward to now, we are in the process of getting our house ready to sell. We decided to take the wallpaper off the kitchen walls, paint and replace the counter tops. Choosing to paint the walls white was easy; deciding on a countertop was difficult. I looked at samples for several days. I harassed Maurice about color choice. I taped samples to the counter and lived with them for a day. What if I blew it like I had with the carpet on the steps?  

counter4.jpg (312071 bytes)I was allowing one carpet mistake to paralyze me. I couldnít make a decision for fear of making another mistake. Has that ever happened to you? I could have waivered indecisively for days, however over the weekend we came across a home that we like currently for sale. If I want to make an offer I need to get my home on the market and sell it. This created a sense of urgency and forced me to make a choice. I picked a cabinet pattern and moved on. Hereís the interesting thing, once I made the choice I felt free. If I create another ďare you serious?Ē blooper then Iíll just fix it. Thankfully the prospective new house propelled me into action and kept me from previous mistake indecisiveness. Iím not going to let the fear of failure keep me from being decisive because when you make a decision and move forward you are free.

"Fear is a question: What are you afraid of, and why?...Our fears are a treasure house of self-knowledge if we explore them." - Marilyn Ferguson