Barren or Majestic

Brown, dry, barren nothingness was all I could see in front of me as I ran down a sidewalk in the desert. I had the opportunity to spend some time in the desert of the California Coachella Valley recently and on my early morning run I looked out over this particular stretch of land and all I could see was a bleak vacant lot littered with trash. Broken whiskey bottles stuck in the sandy dirt and plastic grocery shopping bags tangled in dried up scruffy plants. I was a long way from the manicured lush grounds of the resort trotting along this empty land devoid of beauty.

Iíve had periods of life like that too. Barren, filled with litter, bleak with nothing attractive in sight. When I was running I turned my head and looked a different direction treating me to a magnificent mountain towering majestically behind me. Turning my head was the option of my choice and I had many options. I could choose to look at the littered lot or up at the spectacular mountain. In fact I could choose to stay in the lot with debris or I could keep running and see what lie ahead around the corner. This was a simple little observation with many life applications but something that I tend to forget.  For example when I run if I have a big hill to run up I know that if I look just a little ahead it seems easier, but if I focus on how steep the climb is then it seems more difficult. Itís all a matter of where I focus my thoughts.  I can perceive my life filled with bleak challenges or I can turn and see the Majesty of God at work. Itís a choice. How about you, what do you chose to see?