road closedBarriers

A few weeks ago the remains of hurricane Ike passed though our town. The strong rain caused flash flooding which left many roads filled with debris. A couple days later Chris and I were riding through Rockwood Reservation to met Carol and we encountered a road closed barrier.  This created a dilemma because Carol was riding from the opposite direction and we had anticipated meeting in somewhere in the park. Chris and I ducked under the caution tape and ignored the road closed sign. The street had some sand and debris so we slowed down and rode carefully.

what to do?Last weekend Maurice and I were riding with Grant and Mark on the Riverfront trail and around 5 miles into the trail we came to a road closed sign. We had 100 miles planned and found that a big section of the trail had collapsed probably from our friend Ike. What to do? Go back and figure out a new 100 mile route, quit and go home or go around it? We carried our bikes over railroad tracks and down a hill to the other side where the trail was intact. 

we forged our own trailLife is full of closed signs that actually are just barriers to go around. The question is how bad do you want it? If I didnít care whether I rode or not, I would have quit. Remember that barrier in Rockwood Reservation? Well, Chris and I met Carol turned around and then we rode back the way we had come.  We passed a couple riders who had stopped because of the closed sign. We them that we had already ridden through the closed road and they immediately turned around and proceeded to go around the barrier.  Why? Because it is harder to give up the further along you are.  Follow me here; itís easiest to give up at the beginning. For example if it had no traillooked like rain while I was getting ready to ride, I might have skipped the ride. Or letís say it was 5:30 am and I didnít get much sleep the night before, it would have been easy to give in to a stop sign. But once you get started, once youíre on the way, you are less likely to be derailed. Now if you want to gain an edge overcoming barriers, then find someone to do it with you. If I had been alone, I might not have hoisted my bike up over the railroad tracks, but with friends sharing the same sense of purpose, the adversity became big drop offthe source of jokes and laughter.  Next time you encounter a challenge donít let it stop you, look for a way to go around it.

ďItís always too soon to quit.Ē Ė Norman Vincent Peale