Breathe Easier

I started running and couldnít breathe. For about a half mile I struggled to get air. Mentally I tried to figure out the cause, was it the temperature or air quality? Was I sick? For no apparent reason I was having respiratory difficulties.  I slowly ran on looking at the ground by my feet, and that was it. I was running looking down. Instead of looking up or looking off in the distance towards my destination, I was looking down right in front of me.  I was having difficulty because I had my head tucked down bending my neck reducing my airflow.  I couldnít breathe because of where I chose to look. Actually I made it harder to breathe and harder to run, I was forcing myself to work more.

Now I hadnít intentionally gone out to run with my head bent down, and come to think of it I donít purposefully start my days on the wrong foot, but sometimes I live with my head bent down.  I choose to be anxious and worried, I choose to ponder and mull over my problems and then I find myself struggling with my attitude. When I stop to investigate the culprit there are typically two causes: looking ahead or looking back. When I look back at my past with regret I stay in that dark place. Itís thick like a pit of mud staying in the world of would have, should have and could have. On the other hand when I worry and become anxious about what the future will bring, again I struggle to breathe. I am not sure why but I have a great knack of uncovering all the bad things that might happen, and I focus on preventing those.  The key is staying in the present, grateful to God for the right here and now. When I run itís much easier and more efficient if my body is in proper alignment, same with my thoughts. When I align my thoughts to today with God, living is easier.  I can breathe again.  Whatís choking you today? Are you having hard time breathing? Where are you looking? Chose to focus on God today and breathe easier.