bugs life.jpg (18836 bytes)Bugville

“Our Vacation Rental Home has become Bugville.” That is what I posted to facebook yesterday. Ok if you are new to my website let me fill you in. We put our Downey Terrace home on the market in April and sold it in June. We also wrote a contract on a short sale home in June which did not get released by the sellers bank prior to us closing on our home.  We then moved into a friend’s vacant home that he had been renting out with a 90 day lease. During this time we also wrote a contract to purchase another home. Last week we dropped the short sale contract and completed all the inspections at our potential future home.

terro.jpg (11997 bytes)When we first moved into our temporary home I started calling it the vacation rental home (details here.) What I didn’t write about was the fact that there were ants-lots of ants in the kitchen. The problem is that the neighbor’s tree is all over the side of the house by the kitchen and this has created an ant superhighway.  I purchased those ant traps and they did not work, then I tried Terro and it worked.  Well it worked until last weekend. I guess the rain we got last week plus the tree that is still all over the house created the right environment for another invasion. Additionally a fly was buzzing about and there were a couple gnats that I suppose were attracted by the bananas in a bowl on the table. It was Bugville. We chased the fly around with the swatter, and left out some apple cider vinegar with dish soap mixed in to attract the gnats.  I also got out the Terro and after about 48 hours the ants were gone, at least for now.

pacland1.jpg (157821 bytes)Maurice said “I wonder what lessons we will learn,” when we moved into this temporary home. What I’ve found is that it is hard to live in a place where you cannot make improvements or correct problems.  Right now the only change that is happening at Bugville is that we are leaving. Our closing date is September 10th so this is all short term but what if it weren’t? I have come to appreciate that I have so many opportunities to change.  I ran across an interesting post last week about North Korea (click here to read.) We have so much freedom and so many opportunities to make choices and change.  Most of the time my biggest obstacle to change is me, but imagine not having choices. We are so blessed to live in a land of opportunity and choices.

“You can learn a lot from people who view the world differently than you do.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo