driving.jpg (320328 bytes)The Cards You’re Dealt

I was out with a friend who shared that his father drank a fifth of vodka every day compelling him to start driving at the age of 12 to keep his Dad from behind the wheel. When I made an additional inquiry he shrugged and said those were the cards he was dealt. 

window.jpg (116524 bytes)I have come to realize that we all have different loads and burdens and I think everyone has baggage. Over the winter my friend Chris was smacked with painful arthritis. The doctor told Chris that it’s severity was that of a 90 year old woman’s arthritis; Chris is in his thirties. The arthritis is not going to go away and now he is learning to manage. All of us have some sort of struggle, the cards we are dealt or challenging circumstances.  For a long time I thought if you did the right things that this would equal the right consequences. But it doesn’t. We all live with sunshine and rain; despite doing the right things each of us is going to be dealt a poor hand occasionally. I fell in love with someone outside my race. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, in fact I had dated outside my race before and I had decided that I wouldn’t do that anymore. It was difficult. Then I met Maurice, and what can I say, he was just too much to pass by. For me the poor hand I was dealt is that I live in a world where racism still exists.  

suncloud.jpg (677635 bytes)So what do you do if you are dealt a challenging hand? Nothing. Well, you could roll over and give up, you could whine and be a victim, or you can say like my friend said with a shrug, those were the cards I was dealt and move on. Sorry there is no way to candy coat this. My family at times will face discrimination. People will never look at me and connect me with my kids or husband and at times our safety may be at risk. It’s just the cards we are dealt. Yes I had a choice but I couldn’t choose the society I live in, so now we all swim upstream. What are you dealing with? Sometimes you just have to shrug it off.

“If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.” - Mary Engelbreit