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My swim coach Tom has successfully worked in the pharmaceutical industry for years, until recently. The industry is changing and he found himself without a position, looking for a new employer. First and foremost he needed to generate income for his family. He immediately went into action. For weeks he has pursued every opportunity available to him considering a wide variety of options. He was open to change and he generated change.

First quarter of 2010 for our company Dowco brought a significant drop in contract renewals. At first we thought this was due to the weather and the fact that people simply were not ready to commit when there was snow on the ground. We soon found that we had misread the market. There were clues we hadnít picked up on and when we did, in some cases it was too late. Once we realized our mistakes the health of our company hinged on how quickly we could change.

coachtom.jpg (55835 bytes)In my personal life Iíve also found that the quicker I can spot change and respond to it the better I am. It starts by being observant. If I had done more research, and scrutinized some of our company philosophies in light of the current economy we might not have had this unpleasant surprise. Same goes for my personal life, the quicker I observe changes in a relationship I have with another person and the faster I respond the better. If I know that change is constant and our future is filled with it, then it makes sense to look at the subtle little signs. Relationships are full of tiny signals. For example back when I was dating if a gentleman didnít phone me; it was pretty obvious he wasnít interested. In that case the key for me was to figure this out in a couple days-not weeks right? Itís basically the same thing only in this case it probably had some emotional feelings connected. But thatís just it; all change has some emotional feeling attached to it. Whether it feels good or not change takes place. Change is happening all around, do you see it? Are you changing?

ďResolve to be a master of change rather than a victim of change.Ē Ė Brian Tracy