hair.JPG (249105 bytes)Changing People

Recently I went out to dinner with seven people. I knew about half of those gathered and was introduced to the rest. During our dinner a girl told me about the place she goes to get her hair done. She started by asking where do I go and then she told me that this place specializes in curly hair. She informed me that she can now wear her hair curly or straight. She made a point to tell me that when she wakes up her hair is all over her head. It was really odd, because underneath it all, I think she wanted me to take charge of my hair. I told her that I just washed it, fluffed it and let it go and that I didnít spend anytime on it.  I was amused when I realized that she was trying to help, I hadnít realized that I had a problem. Unfortunately for her it was in an area that I had no intention of changing. Thatís it; people only wigs.jpg (1808201 bytes) change when they want to. I didnít care if she thought I was a slob because I donít tend my hair. I donít care if spending an hour fixing myself up would make me look better. I like my carefree wash and go style. It works for me. That why I do it. Sometimes we need to remember that when we are wishing someone would change. To change you have to want to.

"Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly."- Stephen R. Covey