How clean is it? Does it matter? It's your choice.Clean That Refrigerator!

I had to get the refrigerator cleaned, in a week my parents would arrive and my motherís words were haunting me. ďYou can tell how clean a person is by the inside of their refrigerator.Ē 

 Her belief stalks me and whenever I find my refrigerator getting out of hand her words pop back in my head propelling me keep the fridge tidy. Now I have to admit this is by choice. I want a clean refrigerator and I allow this memory to push my behavior.  Itís really my choice what I allow to influence me and whose words I believe. 

Everything out of the door and cleaning it up.As a parent everything I did was activated by love. Sometimes I did the right thing, other times I learned as I went.  Now that my kids are adults they choose what they allow to influence their lives. Itís their choice which values and beliefs I have that they choose to keep. Same with me I choose how I decipher my past. I could nitpick how my parents raised me, but the truth is they loved me and did the best they could. Now itís up to me to determine my own values. Are you wondering why Iím writing this? Because this sounds so simple, but the truth is we all struggle with it. Itís hard when the values clash, when your feelings get hurt in the process and this is bound to happen with the people you love and are close to. Thereís a culprit here-itís forgetting that itís our choice, and actually thatís good news.  We chose our values and beliefs. Think about it, itís your choice.

ďThere is no value in life except what you chose to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself.Ē Ė Henry David Thoreau

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