calendar[1].jpg.jpg (1048460 bytes)Controlling Deadlines

My mother enjoys decorating for the holidays and as soon as the big day is over she takes everything down and packs it away. There is no dilly dallying here; the holiday ends and she puts it away.  I tried to do this and some years ago realized that I did not have to do it the way she did. So what if I didn’t get all my Christmas stuff boxed away until Valentine’s Day? Once I took control of this deadline I was happier and it worked better for my lifestyle. Little by little I would chip away at the holiday stuff and eventually it got put away.

moving[1].jpg.JPG (108361 bytes)You know we’re waiting for the bank to release the short sale on our potential new home. This weekend Maurice and I decided that we are going to take control of this deadline. We’re not going to let this go on and on forever and we’ve decided that if the sellers cannot pull this together by the end of August, then we will write an offer on another home. Now, everything we read says if you wait, and this means possibly 7 or 8 months then you might, get a good deal on a short sale. We decided that we don’t want to live like that. Once we made that decision we both felt better.  We cannot control what they do but we can control how long we wait and the quality of our life. Here’s something to think about, next time you are faced with a deadline or expectation that doesn’t feel right for you, stop and think about it. Many times you do have control over deadlines.  calendar2[1].jpg.jpg (29763 bytes)Have you ever considered how deadlines are influencing your quality of life?

“How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?" – Anthony Robbins