costume jewelryCostume Jewelry

We had our closet organized at our Downey Terrace home and one of the nice features was a drawer for my jewelry. When we moved I put all my jewelry into small zip lock bags in a plastic tote that had a lid with a handle. If I wanted to wear jewelry I had to hunt through the bags to find the specific item that I needed, consequently I took out my favorites and shoved the box to the back of thjewelry trayse closet.  Our home at Pacland Place doesnít have closet organizers and again I was working out of that plastic box.  I found some jewelry trays at Bed Bath and Beyond and thought I would organize my stuff that way.  I spread my jewelry out and sorted it onto the trays. I needed more trays.  Maurice looked at the mess all over the bedroom floor and asked ďWhy donít you just wait and get the closet organized?Ē

garage sale jewelry armoireI didnít want to wait, closet organizers were not at the top of our budget list. The following weekend my Mom and I spent a Saturday morning going to garage sales. Guess what? I found a brand new unassembled jewelry armoire. Yippee! I took my jewelry out of the trays and filled the armoire.  Fortunately I had saved the packaging so I bagged it all up and set it in the closet to return. I finally returned those trays last week and then this Sunday I decided to wear my long pearl necklace.  Sunday Maurice and I were scheduled to work the welcome center after worship service and I thought my costume jewelry pearl necklace would look great with my black turtle neck. The necklace was nowhere to be found. In fact all the necklaces that I had placed on the long necklace tray were missing from the jewelry box. I pondered this and figured I must have either thrown them away with all the empty baggies, returned them in the tray to BB&B or tossed them into the Goodwill donation box I have going in the closet.

Pearls and more pearls....I phoned the store and they did not have my jewelry. I havenít come across any of it at home. Most of it was costume jewelry however; there were two pieces that I will miss. A few years ago Maurice gave me this nice twisted gold anklet, thatís gone. I also tossed out my very first jewelry purchase. When I graduated from college I bought a slim tri colored gold braided necklace. I made layaway (remember that?) payments for it.  The bulk of the necklaces were inexpensive fashion accessories, and thatís one reason you gotta love costume jewelry.  Most of it was not a great loss and all of it was stuff, simply material goods that are not even necessary for life. I donít eat, sleep or breathe it, I simply use it to adorn myself and really how important is that? Iím the same person with the necklace as I am without the necklace. I doubt it matters at Are you your stuff? all to my friends and loved ones whether I wear necklaces or not. Nope, the jewelry indicates my fashion style but it doesnít make me who I am.

ďIf I am what I have and if I lose what I have who then am I? Ė Erich Fromm