beachclub.jpg (609830 bytes)Dead Ends

While we were staying at the Beach Club at Disney World one morning I went for a run. First I ran from the hotel and followed the sidewalk around the lake. The path around the lake is about a mile so I detoured and followed another path along a river which took me to the entrance of the Disney’s MGM Studios. I had planned on running an hour and still had 45 minutes to go, so I turned and headed back on the same sidewalk trail. I found another sidewalk and I ran along parallel to a busy road for a short while only to come to an intersection of busy roads with no sidewalk. Again, I turned around and roadend.jpg (118624 bytes)searched for another place to run. Normally when I am running in an unfamiliar environment I try to find a long stretch of sidewalk and then go 30 minutes hopefully staying on the same road. I like to run 30 minutes one way and then run back. This morning I spent the entire hour running into dead ends.   Bit by bit, small jaunts down short paths added up to an hour’s worth of running.

When I was out there running I had a goal, to run for an hour and this kept me going. If you have a goal, don’t let the dead ends discourage you. When I finished my run Maurice asked how far I ran and I could only answer that I ran for an hour. I could not say I ran down to the Magic Kingdom or over to Downtown Disney. Life is like that too, dead ends, short lived ventures, learning treks, and lessons of life but they all add up. The summation of your life adds up to who you are at this moment.  All your choices, made you who you are today.   Each dead end, every experience has equipped you to handle your life right now.  The secret is not stopping at the dead end.

“It is not the path which is the difficulty; rather, it is the difficulty which is the path.” Soren Kierkengaard