It's always beautiful out on the trail.Donna Dowell trail running.Diving Into Dirt

We were trail running when suddenly I found myself swiftly diving face first toward the dirt. I felt as if I was doing a swimming racing start with my arms outstretched over my head as I fell. My hands hit first and then I sort of skidded down my left side, scraping my shoulder, hip and thigh.  Thud!  My running mates told me that my foot hit a small rock protruding from the ground. I hadnít seen it and bam there I was on crashed on the trail. I was dirty but not hurt so we continued to run.  A short time later I tripped and did a little stumble. What is wrong with me I thought to myself?  I started to feel unsure and wanted to slow down. Two little mishaps and I could see my confidence beginning to unravel.  It was then I reminded myself that I loved to trail run. I thought about how many times I had been trail running and I knew I my feet were experienced on the trail.  I looked around at the beautiful surroundings and I noticed that it was getting dark. Visibility wasnít the best plus my legs were tiring. This was probably what had caused me some difficulty so I needed to make sure I lifted my feet and paid close attention to the remainder of the trail. I had a great run.

There you have it the dynamics of a fall. What do you do when you fall? Hereís what I found. First you assess the damage. Whatís hurt? Can you go on? Next you get back up and move.  Try again. While youíre moving towards your goal you analyze what caused your problem and you look for potential pitfalls in your path. Finally you give yourself some reinforcement as you continue on your quest.  

Some views are only seen on the trail.Are you wondering why I am analyzing falling on the trail? Because I plan on running more and itís highly likely that I will fall again. Which is like the challenges we face in life, itís highly likely that I will have problems again.  Now letís suppose we take those steps and applied them to something besides physically falling. Could the same be useful when you experience a setback, a missed deadline, or a project failure? I think they could and next time I fail I am going to remember that when I fell on the trail I didnít stay in the dirt.

ďSuccess is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.Ē ĖWinston Churchill