Dog Prairie Century Ride

This ride was staged out of St. Paul Missouri and it was the third century ride Maurice and I have completed this year. When we arrived at 6:30am it was still dark outside and we hit the streets around 7:10. Most of the day was overcast, however during our first hour out we ran into some light rain. The rain created slick roads and as dp2.jpg (79349 bytes)Maurice rode down into a turn his bike slid out. Maurice experienced his first bike crash. The slick roads sort of pushed his body across the road while he tried to land on his butt to minimize damage. No blood, but a very sore hand which made gripping the handles difficult.

dp1.jpg (81341 bytes)My cycling has come a long way, but I am still uncomfortable riding on urban streets. I did not appreciate having to cross over busy bridges with no shoulder, and making left turns with cars. One section of the course had us on Hwy C which had a lot of fast traffic. Picture this big dump trucks coming and going, cars honking at you and then this lady rolls down her window and yells at me. It was then that I had an odd revelation; maybe this is what it is like to be a minority. Random, unpredictable people who hate you, the cyclist and perhaps this is as close as I can get to comprehending what it must be like to be black.

Donna DowellOk, back to the century, Thursday I had run 16.65 miles, with a little walking and my quads were pretty tired. Most of this ride I used all the other leg muscles. Climbing hills was a challenge and there were times I wondered if my body would do it. Frankly it wouldn’t have surprised me if the legs just quit forcing me to topple over on the hill. But that never happened and I finished, brining me back to the reoccurring theme of this IM training-you can do more than you think you can. At this point I have to thank Maurice and Janet because they stuck with me the last 40 miles when I was just creeping along.

This ride was part of the 5 Star Century Series and around mile 66 there was a lunch break. Many people just do the morning section, the metric century, have lunch and then go home. I think if I were doing this for fun, this is the way to go. So there you have it another century ride in the books which leaves me with two more to go before the big day.

Last week’s totals:

Monday-50 miles bike, 10 miles run
Tuesday-30 miles bike
Wednesday-12.7 miles bike, 4000 yds swim
Thursday-16.65 miles run
Friday-yoga 1 hour
Saturday-102 miles bike
Sunday-4600 yds swim, run 5 miles

Total- 8600 swim, 194.7 bike, 31.65 run