grading.jpg (188324 bytes)Drainage and Planting Work

We have a couple downspouts that emptied on to the driveway. Maurice wanted to redirect these from the house and drive, so last week a trench was dug to bury and run this water away. I picked up a few perennials and bulbs which we also installed. Phase one of our bulb planting will be done this year and then next year I would like to add some more. Next spring we will have a Daffodil Mix by the lake, along with some Globemaster Alliums. Up close to the house Jan Bos Hyacinths and Alliums. Down by the road Dutch Master Jonquils finish off this years bulb planting. Oh we also move a beautiful Japanese Maple from it's crowded spot by the waterfall to a bed by the back patio. We emptied that bed and now it spotlights this dramatic tree.

Maurice spent some time grading the area by the lake that we had cleared. We have seeded and laid straw netting on this and soon baby grass will be sprouting. We're learning about the pond and Greg from The Watershed installed some fish, water hyacinths and netting. The netting will keep the leaves out and fish predators. We're getting as much done as we can before winter.

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