The Easy Win

In sales we often talk about picking the low hanging fruit. Go for the easy sale that is within reach first and then pull out the ladder and climb for the higher difficult sale. That makes a lot of sense, why go around what is right in front of you within your grasp?  This seems like a great philosophy but sometimes the easy win prevents us from reaching our ultimate goal. Let me explain; right now our company has several positions to fill. When I look at our organizational chart towards the top I see an account manager vacancy, with three direct report employees lined up with beneath that position. We have a gap that needs to be filled. In fact we have been searching for an ďAĒ player to fill this position for a while now. The qualified applicants are few and far between. On the other hand we could use a bit of help in our office this fall and we had debated hiring a part time administrative assistant. Testing the waters we ran an ad for this position we were bombarded with applicants. Now it would be easy to get sidetracked by this hire, when if we step back and look at our weakest link it remains the account manager. Unfortunately filling that position with the right person for our team will require more work. 

Itís the same for me with my running. The Santa Rosa marathon is my primary objective but there are all sorts of tempting short races every weekend.  Not only that but there is the whole world of triathlon that I have set aside screaming for me to come back. The question I ask myself is what do I ultimately want? Will this easy win or fun diversion help me to reach my goal? The truth of the matter is that my goal is much more difficult and further away. I have to pass up the low hanging fruit and focus on the end, my primary target. Every day we chose between accepting the easy quick win or passing it by for the important accomplishment.  Small seemingly insignificant choices like do I eat the cookie or the banana. Over and over we make decisions to take the easy win or hang on for what we really want.  Today I am going to say no to the easy win.