momdad.jpg (381427 bytes)Endings

Endings are hard. Yesterday I took my parents to the airport and as I walked away from security I had to force myself not to get choked up. We reached the end of 20 fantastic days together and now itís over. Summer has ended and the days are cold and dreary.  My ironman training is over and that is odd too. No more coach, no more long group bike rides. Starting chapters in life is fun and exciting, the endings are difficult.

web4.JPG (119643 bytes)Endings are also beginnings. No more ironman means that I have wiped the slate clean and have the opportunity to start new adventures. Now is the time for me to evaluate the last year and set a new course. There isnít much I can do to replace my parents going back to California , except be happy knowing that they love living in the sunshine.  Some endings you have no control over you just have to find a way to accept them and live with it. I long to hold my children, but theyíre adults who have outgrown my arms. Nothing I can do about that either except to change and evolve.

roadend.jpg (118624 bytes)Many times I travel and each time I come home I reflect and ask myself, who I want to be when I get back. Life offers us the chance to change and endings are a great time to do this. We donít have to be the same person. Often I will get so busy with the day to day tasks that I donít stop to reflect, I just fulfill responsibilities and obligations.  The great thing about endings is that besides being a stopping point, they are also a time to pause, reflect, plan and take charge of our lives. You can make an ending a beginning.

change.jpg (279365 bytes)ďFind your true path. Itís so easy to become someone we donít want to be, without even realizing itís happening. We are created by the choices we make every day. And if we take action in order to please some authority figure, weíll suddenly wake up down the road and say, ďThis isnít me. I never wanted to be this person.Ē Ė Bernie Siegel , MD