Not Muddy YetEpic Mud Run

Ultramax puts on this Mud Run in Columbia Missouri that is 2.5 miles with obstacles on the course. You can enter the race individually or as a team. I signed up as part of a team. My friend Karen and my daughter Kelly and I formed our three person “Dust Bunnie” team.

We weren’t really sure what to expect other than getting muddy from the event. Turns out we were in for a whole lot of fun. Teams and individuals start the race in different waves. Around 4:45 they called our 5:00pm wave to the start. Standing waiting to go I wondered if I would be able to do all the obstacles. Running two and a half miles would be no problem, climbing over stuff and tests of agility might prove challenging.   Looking around at the crowd I saw that most of the participants were college age and there were lots of women.  Later I would see in the results that I and another 50 year old lady were the oldest female participants.  

The course starts you running through a path of mud while this guy sitting on a hill with a fire hose sprays water at you. From there you run up a small incline and hop through some tires. We then turned and ran to a hillside that had been dug up exposing dirt. The guy with the water hose was there again spraying us turning the hill into a slippery mess. Our team had decided to wear white shirts and at this point the shirts were still white but our feet and legs were beginning to accumulate mud. 

We had to run over and under fences, and then climb a series of wooden vertical panels followed by a mini slide into a mud pit. As I walked through the mud pit I found that there were a series of little drop offs which you couldn’t see through the dark muck. Suddenly you would find yourself stumbling falling into the muddy mess.  The course traversed up and down hills leading us through the woods. This is where it got really fun. It appeared that the organizers had just come through and made a trail through the woods. At one point we climbed into a ravine and had to slog through muddy water rushing towards us. There were tires mounted at the edge which helped us climb out and then we went into a muddy steam which had a rope to hang onto over your head as you wadded across it. As we left this woody area we passed by a scummy nasty pond which had a generator pumping water down the ravine we had just climbed out of.  Yuck.

I think I had a big goofy grin on my face the entire time I was out there on the course.  It was interesting to find out later that the three of us each enjoyed different parts of the course. Karen loved climbing over the obstacles. Kelly thought the start running through all mud was great and the woods and ravine was it for me. We all stayed close together and arrived at finish area together.  To finish we had to slide down a vinyl covered waterslide on a hillside, climb a fence, and run into the “poop chute.” I imagine the race organizers snickered as they created these vacant porta potties to enter the last mud crawl. So you go into the porta potty, climb under a tent and then crawl through a muddy mess to the finish line.

Would I do it again? You bet!  The three of us laughed and recounted our adventure to each other. We were a big muddy mess.  Many thanks to Maurice who came along and took a bunch of pictures while avoiding the mud himself.  I don’t think we convinced him to enter next year, but we are planning to wear matching bows in our hair next time.