flies2.jpg (243332 bytes)Flies

Remember the bird in the chimney incident? Well, weíre now dealing with the aftermath: flies. Yes - ILL! Monday I went to work and I arrived home to find about 15 flies. Not all at once maybe 6 upon arrival and then they just kept showing at the kitchen window. I didnít put two and two together until Tuesday when there were about 40! Yes, it was disguisting.  I called our pest control company only to find that they didnít have a product that they could spray into our chimney. Basically I was told that we had to swat them and they would go away in about a week. I stuck fly paper on the window and realized that they are really dumb creatures. They all hung out together and got stuck to it, which was another icky sight.

flies.jpg (272896 bytes)By Wednesday they had reduced to just a couple here and there and this got me curious about flies. Did you know that in mythology and literature flies have been used to represent agents of death and decay?  Did you know that the female lays her eggs as close to the food source as possible and that they develop rapidly consuming food in a short period of time? My home is proof of that.  Hereís something you probably never considered but maggots are studied by forensic scientist to determine time elapsed since death. They also are used as bait in angling and as food for carnivorous pets. That doesnít mean I want them in my house.  I didnít see any this morning so tomorrow Iíll bug bomb the house.

yellowlilies.jpg (333041 bytes)Iím yellowlilies3.jpg (307428 bytes)not going to miss all these weird mishaps taking place in our home, but I will miss my flowers. Our gardens always have something blooming. Yesterday I went outside to see what I could bring inside and found crisp yellow lilies and white yarrow . I prefer to design arrangements with three different colors, but two is what I found and it would have been nice if all the stems had been straight but some were bent. I used what I had and I now have a vase of these beauties atop my dressing vanity and Kelly has some in her room too. Wherever we move I am looking forward to starting new gardens. Gardening is a learning process and Iíll bring my experiences with me wherever we go. I guess you could say life is like that too, you bring all your experiences with you and each day you have the opportunity to create a life that is a little yellowlilies5.jpg (346889 bytes)better. We learn and we improve.

"Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live." - Goethe