flood.JPG (122552 bytes)Flood Waters

Last month I ran on the Al Foster trail and had to stop because the trail had flooded. The Meramec River spilled beyond its bank covering the trail with water. A couple weeks later I came back to find the water gone leaving only mud and a few shallow pockets of water. It looked was as if the trail had never flooded. Iím sure a conservationist would be able to point out the differences. Perhaps the plants or trees bear evidence of the flooding but to my untrained eyes everything looked the same.

flood2.JPG (119492 bytes)There is a small gully beside the road to our home and as I walked I noticed that some of the trees are thicker at the base of the trunk. It was odd looking and I wondered why. One tree in particular stood out and I wondered what had happened to the tree to cause this? The tree grew in the lowest area surrounded by hills which is where the water runs off and discharges into the lake. I imagine past flooding had something to do with the unusually thick trunk section.

Take a leap with me here but the flood waters are like our problems in life. They come and they go. Sometimes they are small short term and leave no trace but other times you survive and carry the scars from it. You learn to live with the scars. Now that we have been at our home for a few months I noticed that the moss loves to grow on this bulky part of the trunk. The tree is thriving and healthy.  This raised area that must have helped the tree survive in the past is simply part of the tree. Same thing for us, all our scars are part of who we are. They make us the person we are today and oddly enough they equip us to face tomorrow. Should the water flood around that tree again, its trunk is flood3.JPG (106009 bytes)already thick and prepared for challenge. Same for us, our experiences strengthen us to face future challenges.  Next time you find yourself facing an uncertain future stop and remember all that you have survived in the past. You did it before you can do it again. You are equipped.

"When you're up against a trouble, meet it squarely, face to face." - Edgar A. Guest