fog.jpg (30799 bytes)Fog

There is a beautiful tree out in the farm field by our office warehouse. I often look at it on the way to and from work and if I were an artist I would draw or paint it. Today there was fog in the valley preventing me from seeing the tree. Driving down the familiar road the tree was invisible. Pulling into our parking lot brought me closer and I could see the tree faintly through the fog.

Sometimes I put fog around God. He’s always there but there are times I barely see him. I build a fog with things like my sport, work, husband, kids, family and friends. It gets deeper when I focus on my blessings: possessions and travel. If I want the fog to become dark as night I just let it all be about me, my pride and self centeredness. I create the fog between me and God.

nofog.jpg (54175 bytes)You know I go to church pretty much every weekend. Why? I go to get rid of the fog. Today a couple hours after I drove to work, I looked outside and the fog was gone. I could see my beloved tree. I go to church to change my focus, to remember whose I am, and where my priorities are. I cannot let Sunday be the only time I think about God because then that fog gets thick and heavy, so I try to cut through it often. It’s as easy as looking around with a thankful heart for everything I see, or just listening to a good praise song. Lately I’ve been listening to this song by the Newsboys called “In Wonder” and I highly recommend it.

Click here for "In Wonder"