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We’re always ready for a showing and its odd living in display mode. Funny thing is that we have done all sorts of things to make our home ready and I wonder why we didn’t make these improvements earlier for our own enjoyment. I think life can get like that too; we miss opportunities that are all around us. For example last weekend Josie and I spent a pleasurable morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Sure I had lots of work to do, sure I could have been swimming instead, but we made time for this outing.  All the spring bulbs were blooming and last weekend was the optimal time for a visit.

formerdisplay2.jpg (816934 bytes)Last week I told Maurice that whether we sell our house or not I’ve had great time house hunting. I have.  Touring homes and visualizing living in them has been fun. Going into this whole house thing Maurice and I decided that if I didn’t work out we would just stay in our home, although now we are thinking we’ll stay a year, save more money and try again next year. This philosophy has taken the pressure off us, if it all works out fine, if not fine. I also decided that I am going to enjoy the process and keep the stress low. I’ve reduced my current fitness goals and I am limiting the additional pressures I put on myself. I’m sure you do it too, there are only so many things you can fit on your plate and once it is full, you have to push something off to make room. Balancing stress and including important events in life takes thought and planning, are you living intentionally?

Is it so small a thing
To have enjoy’d the sun,
To have lived light in the spring,
To have loved, to have thought, to have done… – Matthew Arnold