ryanstree.JPG (69631 bytes)Fresh And Exciting Christmas

Our Thanksgiving this year was wonderful. Now that the kids are older it is rare for all four of us to be off work at the same time and available to do anything together. Our Thanksgiving celebration started with brunch at Yia Yiryanstree3.JPG (93207 bytes)a’s and then we went to watch Madagascar 2. All four of us enjoyed spending the holiday in a new and different way. How do you keep the holidays fresh and exciting every year? Trying something new keeps life fresh and exciting.  Last year after Christmas I purchased these trendy metallic Christmas trees. This week I decorated them for the kid’s rooms. The trees are fun funky colored and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with new nontraditional colors. Ryan’s tree is lime green and I decorated it with ornaments colored red, silver and lime green. Kelly’s tree is pink and hers is decorated with purple, pink, green and gold ornaments.  Perhaps that is the key, trying new things.

kellystree.JPG (71201 bytes)Although if all I did was add new things I would quickly run out of space so I am also discarding. I am letting go of stuff. Things like the decorations that I have kept year after year thinking I might want them or need them. Little did I realize when I started a box for Goodwill how freeing it would be just giving away items I never use. It’s the same with our traditions and even our thoughts. Who says you have to do thikellystree2.JPG (89228 bytes)ngs the same every year? You control your calendar, fill it up with things you want to do, not things you “have to do.” Same with your thoughts, maybe you had a challenging holiday in the past. I did last year and I am not even going to let my thoughts wander back to that place. It’s a choice. If you want the holidays to be fresh and exciting, then chose to make it so.

“There is no ideal Christmas, only the one Christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions.” – Bill McKibben