ďMost of the time I don't have much fun. The rest of the time I don't have any fun at all.Ē                                                                                                                         -Woody Allen

j0227611.jpg (69866 bytes)I read that quote and thought whose fault is that. I have to confess that sometimes I am no fun. I get caught up in my list of ďmust doísĒ and focus. I am an achiever and I like to get things done.  After a while getting things done is no fun. There was a time when obligations and expectations made me tired. I just didnít have any energy left. I was exhausted.  Finally I decided to change. I relaxed my expectations. The house didnít have to be perfectly clean. The kids didnít have to be model students and high achievers. I didnít have to be perfect. I rested. I read tons of romance novels. I lowered my expectations on the house work, dinners, laundry. I started to do things for fun. I no longer had to live up to the expectations I had set for myself.  I had fun!

Wanna have fun? Be flexible. A couple weeks ago Maurice said letís take off early and go bike riding this afternoon. My training log mandated an eight mile run. My first thought was no, Iíve got to run. Then I started to think about it. Was I crazy? I had the opportunity to go riding on a beautiful day with the man I love. Yeah, Iíll go. Hereís what I sometimes forget: you need to leave a little space in your day for the unexpected. 

fun.jpg (395970 bytes)My daughter Kelly told me about this website www.43things.com. Basically people list things they want to do. They have an interesting article on goal setting where they say to ďentertain a mix of ambitious and silly goals.Ē None of my goals are silly. Goals are serious stuff and they can make you a serious achiever. Iím going do some more thinking about getting silly. 

j0149018.jpg (35258 bytes)Kelly told me that she wants wake up with a smile every day. Wow, thatís great. Did you ever wake up and just think of all the stuff youíve got to do? Why do we make life no fun? Today take a moment and whistle, hum, sing, skip, dance or smile. Leave some space for the unexpected and then look for a surprise. Have some fun!