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Every Thursday during the first four months of 2007 I did speed work with Katie and Josie. We each had our own specific individual goals and mine was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Those Thursday sessions were hard we focused and pushed ourselves. I have memories of oxygen depriving repeat after sucking air repeat. Each of us cheered one another on as we worked to improve and the result? Not one of us reached our goal. Surprisingly when I think back to this time I cannot help but smile, yes we worked hard, but we had so much fun.

tape.JPG (80924 bytes)Fast forward to right now, I am officially in the ironman training phase and yes I am working hard. Yes, my body has some issues that I am concerned about, but the best part is that I am having fun. How's that possible?

Friends. Yes, the answer is friends. You might think that this involves a lot of solitary swimming, biking and running and at times it does. But it doesn't have to be that way. It starts by simply asking someone to join you. It's the grown up version of "Can you come out and play?"

Just askThat's our secret. Consider this every time you see a bunch of us riding, or a couple friends walking, that besides fitness we are reaping a bunch of other benefits: encouragement, comradery, humor, sympathy and even accountability. Want to have  fun? Just ask someone to join you.

“Live more than your neighbors. Unleash yourself upon the world and go places.
Go now. Giggle, no, Laugh. No...stay out past dark

And bark at the moon like the wild dog that you are.
Understand that this is not a dress rehearsal. This is it. Your life.
Face your fears and live your dreams. Take it all in.
Yes, every chance you get. Come close.
And by all means, whatever you do, get it on film.” - John Blais, 2005 Ironman with ALS (Time 16:28:58)

(Click here for video about John Blais)