Get a New Dream

We met with our immigration attorney to sign some forms for the H2B processing that our company uses. While we were there he told us about a gentleman who more than anything else wants to be a legal citizen of our country. Our attorney researched his situation and told him to get another dream.  He went on to explain that he understood that this was what he wanted, what he hoped for, but it was not possible.  His dream was not going to come true.

What do you do when the answer to your dream comes back no? Do you rush out and get a new dream? Is it that easy? For me the bigger the dream, the longer I have had the dream and the more emotionally I am attached to the dream, the harder it is to recover from losing a dream. In essence that is what it is, recovery from losing a dream.  Itís a loss. Crazy as it sounds losing a dream takes a while to grieve, to be sad, to feel disappointed and let down before you can bounce back and get a new dream.  Recently Iíve let go of a dream and a replacement didnít immediately materialize to inspire me.  I've spent a large portion of time without a substitute, sort of just living and being with no big bold adventurous objective propelling me.  I am finding that itís a pretty simple three step journey: you lose the dream, you experience a sense of loss, and you find a new dream.  However the time within each step and between each step varies. For me the time waiting for a new dream is becoming a period of discovery and acceptance. Nothing flashy or loud is demanding my attention grabbing me to chase after it. I am simply waiting for God to reveal the new goal while learning to appreciate the waiting. Right now Iím in the process of discovering a new dream that God has for me and that makes each day an adventure. Iím waiting to get a new dream.

ďIn life we all have an unspeakable secret, and irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love.Ē Ė Diego Marchi