Getting Old

"Being physically attractive counts much more in a woman’s life than in a man’s, but beauty, identified, as it is for women, with youthfulness, does not stand up well to age."
Susan Sontag

disney18.JPG (130581 bytes)Maurice and I went to Bongos Cuban Café for dinner while we were in Orlando. We were out on a Friday night and our dinner table gave us a view of the dance floor. A group of young girls were out celebrating a birthday. They appeared to be 14 or 15 and they were decked out in their “club” clothes. The girls were obviously experiencing one of their first nights out on their own.  I old.jpg (541311 bytes) watched the girls dance and realized that I am not young and I am getting further and further away from what our society values. What a revelation. Maybe it was because that evening I was in an environment where looks count, rather than my usual arena where athletic achievement is the focus. Aging to me has been all about age groups and getting a few more minutes to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

j0431724.jpg (290417 bytes)Ok, I’m getting older. One day I will be a “mature woman.” ILL. It is inevitable that I will one day be an old lady or dead so I found myself thinking. What do I want to be like when I’m old? I thought about the vibrant women I know who are older than me. Women I admire are doers. They haven’t allowed their life to get small, their world is large. These women are active, interesting and they try new things. They have a sense of humor and are comfortable with themselves. I’ve been blessed to have older friends who have shared their experience and skills with me.j0309101.jpg (44902 bytes)

I have some choices, I can fight this age thing, allow myself to get sucked in that shallow appearance based place or I can move on. When I was in high school I would spend an hour getting ready to go to school. An entire hour devoted to grooming! I do not want to go back there. On the other hand last Easter my sisters told me that I was out of style and in a fashion rut. Seems there is a happy medium somewhere in between. I cannot stop the aging process but I can choose my attitude. I am aging but who I become is up to me. What do you want to be like when you are old?

"Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter."
Satchel Paige

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