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I should have stopped to read the signThe Gift Of Waiting

Iíve logged a ton of miles running with my friend Janet. Sheís a faster runner than me and Iím fortunate that she slows down and runs my pace. Itís a gift, she sets aside her speed and we have the opportunity to converse. We have formed a deep friendship as we picked away at our long training runs. 

On the other hand I have been the one who slows down.  There have been times that I have run with friends and I have either slowed down, or I circle back and stay connected looping around to check in with my buddy.  When you were a kid did you ever holler ďWait for me?Ē

I recall shouting out asking friends to slow down and wait for me as a kid. Now as an adult I find itís harder to do. What changed? Why is it hard for us as adults to ask someone to wait, and itís also hard for us to stop our own momentum and wait for someone.  When was the last time you told someone ďIíll wait for you?Ē

We donít like to wait. Oh, when my kids were small I expected to wait for them but to wait for an adult, no why would I do that? Waiting for another person means that I have to set aside my own agenda and goals and WAIT.  I can hardly wait for myself much less stop for another person. Itís a sacrifice and it requires me to give up or delay my own gratification for the sake of someone elseís progress.  When was the last time an adult said wait for me to you?  Maybe never, weíre simply too proud to ask for help, itís degrading, needy and wimpy.  Thatís why itís a gift.  When we see someone lagging behind, laboring, struggling, looking for the way to go, we have the opportunity to give the gift. We get to wait. Iíll bet you know someone right now whose life is shouting out ďWait for me!Ē Itís your choice, do you slow down? Do you show them the way? Do you give the gift of waiting?