Hidden Potential

A couple days ago Maurice and I happened to drive by a Catholic Church in South County and I mentioned that I had played in a soccer game at that church. I remember it vividly; I was in the 6th grade and I hoped that the ball would not come to me. It was a dreadful event and I never played soccer again. As I shared this with Maurice, I finished by saying "That was when I didn't know I could run." Seriously back in grade school I couldn't accelerate quickly and do a short sprint across the parking lot, so I thought I could not run. Now after many long distance events under my belt I realize that I had no idea of my potential back then. 

candle2.jpg (73471 bytes)I went to a garage sale while we were living at the vacation rental home, prior to moving and found these dirty Christmas candle holders. I looked beyond their current state and could envision decorating them for the holidays on my porch. I was delighted to pay $15.00 for 9 of these gems. When I got them home I immediately removed the old velvecandle.jpg (132613 bytes)t bows and hosed them off with water. Maurice looked outside after I finished, and gave some sort of bland "Ok Donna if you say so," reply to my enthusiastic plans for their future use. I knew he couldn't see their hidden potential. I freshened up the red paint, added fall floral candle rings then placed them on the porch to our new house and they were fantastic-presto, instant charm. These beautiful candle holders were possible because I looked beyond their dirtiness and saw their possibilities.

candle4.jpg (103008 bytes)Sometimes I don't look beyond the appearance of people, I make quick judgments based what I see and immediately plop them into a mental category. Many times I do this because it's easy, and I can make a fast assessment of how muccandle3.jpg (61206 bytes)h time I am going to spend with a person, or how close the relationship will be. When I make these assumptions, I miss out. If I were to dig deeper and look for the hidden potential I would find out all sorts of interesting things about people I meet. What I have noticed is that when I take the time to get to know someone with an open mind, most of the time I am pleasantly surprised. The times when I smile and determine in advance that I will like this new person, I usually do. In our everyday interactions we come across people who have hidden potential, and if we look close we will be blessed to have a positive experience. This weekend, take a moment to see the potential of the strangers you interact with.

"Many individuals have, like uncut diamonds, shining qualities beneath a rough exterior" - Author Unknown