One more week!How can I do this?

Next week my friend Terri goes into a huge battle. The doctors have decided to tack on an additional week of radiation and at the same time start the full dose of chemo. She had been taking chemo at a half dose to this point. I was thinking about this and frankly it scares me. I wonder what new side effects she will have to overcome fighting those cancer cells. Next week begins a new push for her. During the past several weeks I have watched her dig into her reserves, fight and at times just hang on and now the Doctorís are saying ďOk Terri you have to do more.Ē

A very thick 2600 pound door!On a far less imposing level I have looked at my marathon training plan and I see that I am expecting to do a huge chunk of work between now and June 6th.  Iíve ran marathons before and when I compare training Iíd like to be a little more ahead of the game for this one. One thing I noticed is that Terri has been adjusting her schedule along the way. For example, she began this journey with some expectations, like making a voice mail message of her progress on a daily basis. Terri has not posted one of these for weeks The radiation machineand itís been a matter of looking at what she can do in a day and making choices. Itís the same for me and my training or for you if you have a big daunting mountain waiting to be climbed. Pick and choose. What is necessary? What must you do? Then just do the next thing and donít worry about the big picture. Do what you can for this day, take the next step. How can I do this? One step at a time.

ďThe only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." Franklin D. Roosevelt